Bathrooms have always been very important part of a house and are believed to influence the vastu to a great extent. In ancient times toilets were kept outside the house due to drainage and supply reasons. Most of the rules thus adapted to today’s scenario are not quite clear and vary as per interpretations. The rules for WC and shower are different but the same has been adapted to combined bathrooms.



Toilet bathroom vaastu
Placement of Toilets as per vaastu

West is considered best for toilets. North-east (ishaan) and South-east (agni) should be avoided.

WC should be kept in western or east-SE portion of toilet.

Shower should be kept in North-east, North-west to keep away from SE.

Toilet door should not open in front of Prayer room or kitchen, nor should the toilet share a wall with either of them. If Toilet has to share a wall with Prayer room or kitchen, WC shall be kept away from this common wall.

The WC shall be kept such that a person faces North or East while using WC so that positive energy during morning ablutions falls on face. Some scholars differ on this and say the person should not face North or East as these are prayer directions and they suggest it inappropriate to face them during ablutions.

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