The storeroom is the place for extra items not used regularly and it should not become a store for junk items as keeping unusable/discarded items is considered inappropriate.

Some essential guiding principles for store room according to Vastu are as follows:

  • The store rooms used for grain storage should be placed in North-west portion of building as it is beneficial in terms of providing good provision of storage with minimal chances of shortage in grains.
  • Ideally door in this room can be constructed in any direction except South-west and can have two shutters for easier movement and placement of bigger items, if so is suitable architecturally.
  • Keep in mind that the floor height of granary room should be more than other rooms. The windows in this room should be made on Eastern or Western sides.
  • The colour chosen in store room should be tints of white, yellow or blue.
  • Store annual stock of granary in South-west corner while daily use grains must be stored in North-west direction.
  • Water should be avoided in store rooms but if there is a provision of water in store room then it must be kept in pitchers or vessels.
  • Things like oil, ghee, refined and gas cylinder etc should be stored in South-east corner of storage.
  • Avoid any kind of empty container in storage room.
  • Never sleep in storage room as the vibrations tends to obstruct people’s sleep.

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