Staircase is a very important part and comfort and safety while using it should always be a priority. Also since it is one of the heaviest elements of a house, it can be significantly exploited to block negative energy and undesirable sunlight from west. Mumty also adds to additional height of staircase making it more appropriate for heavier quadrants of house.

  1. Staircase should be ideally placed in backside in southern and western portion of site.
  2. Staircase must be avoided in North-east. If necessary, it should be kept lighter and more open so that it doesn’t block positive energy and light entering the house from East.
  3. Door to staircase in East or south is considered auspicious.
  4. Staircases should always move clockwise and preferably start from east or north moving towards west or south respectively in the first flight. This can be attributed to ergonomics of right handed people who will find it more comfortable to climb with right handed movement.
  5. Staircases should have total odd number of steps like 17, 19 or 21 as that feels more comfortable when we start and end the rise with right foot in odd number of steps.
  6. Space below staircase shall not be used as living or working area. It is not appropriate to make toilet below staircase especially if that toilet is regularly used. This space however can be used as store or keeping equipment, electrical items etc.

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