Garage for cars is a rather modern concept. However, there should be some considerations while planning the garage according to broader vastu concepts.

Tips For Garage

  • Car garage should be in the northwest or southeast of your house.
  • The floor level of the garage would be an inclined one, sloping towards the north or east direction.
  • The size of the garage should be such that a minimum of 2 to 3 feet of walking space should be left after parking the car inside. This would also ensure the movement of light and air in the garage.
  • Parking the car in the northeast direction should be avoided. Since northeast is deemed as the access point for positive energies, a car parked herein would obstruct the flow. However, if the garage is in the basement, parking in the northeast area should not make any difference.
  • At the time of parking in open, always park your car with its front portion facing the north or east. This would ensure that the car would never get overheated.
  • The path where the garage gate opens should be clear, allowing easy accessibility for the car’s movement.
  • As for the colors of the garage, white, yellow or any other light color are best for a garage.
  • Do not store any waste material or inflammable material in the garage, lest chances are that these might cause unnecessary harm to the garage.

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