Entrance of a house is given much importance in vastu as it effects the whole house, flow of energies and makes a lasting impression.





Vastu suggested directions
Preferred directions for Entrance of house


All the negative and positive energies are controlled by entrance and which is why is important to locate main gate in proper direction to maintain well-being and prosperity in house. Vastu tips for entrance are:

  • Entrance of house is best in North and East sides.
  • Entrance gate should be heavier, stronger and bigger than other doors of house.
  • Keep the entrance clutter free and tidy to make the surrounding positive.
  • Entrance of a house should never be dark and ensure that this place is well lit throughout.
  • Avoid keeping garbage or dustbin near the entrance.
  • Main gate should not face intersecting roads. If the plot faces intersecting roads, it is advisable to keep entry in different direction.
  • There should not be any obstruction in the entrance gate with things like poles, tree, wires and vehicles.
  • Main door should always open inwards.
  • Entrance of house should not face temple.
  • Avoid any under-water or septic tanks under the main entrance.
  • Lift of building should not face entrance.
  • No wall should obstruct in front of main gate.
  • Avoid self-closing door.
  • Best material for main gate is real wood (preferably Teak) as metal is considered to be an obstruction to positive energies.

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