Dining room



Here are a few tips that will help you create an atmosphere which is not just perfect for meals but also for attracting prosperity and luck.

According to the experts a dining room must be located in the West.



Vaastu of Dining area
Dining room placement
  • The dining table in the room must be rectangle or square.
  • Dining table must never stick to the wall.
  • The main entrance of the Dining Room and house must never face one another.
  • Dining room must never be next to the toilet.
  • Pooja room/toilet door must not open right in front of the dining area.
  • According to vastu for kitchen, you must make sure the kitchen and dining hall are built on the same floor. They should lye adjacent to one another.
  • Make sure there is no loft or beam over your head when eating.
  • Beautiful paintings and portraits hung inside the dining room create an atmosphere of pleasure and happiness.

As per vastu for dining room, the lighting in the room must be relaxed and easy.

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