West facing plot

A west facing plot is average for residential purposes. However, it is auspicious for businessmen, specially for entertainment business, such as cinemas, clubs and pubs.


  1. The compound wall can be either higher or lower than the main door.
  2. If the rain water exit is only from front, it should be harvested as much as possible.
  3. Main gate being in the west and verandah in the front portion, it is necessary to shade the front properly and preferably do not erect boundary wall.
  4. Build a part of house near to the boundary, preferably on southern side for good results.
  5. Heap of stone, mound or heavy landscape on front lawn is advisable as per vastu.
  6. Main and other doors facing west give good results.
  7. Big trees in west ensure prosperity and peace of mind.
  8. Open spaces in front should be properly shaded, as according to vastu front of house should be open but on contradiction, west of plot should be least open.


  1. Floor of the central area should not be lower compared to rest of the house.
  2. The courtyard and the verandah being low are not advisable.
  3. The west main door must not face south-west, if so it should be revised or shaded.

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