South-West facing plot

South-west (Naishritya) facing plot is generally avoided for use as residence.


  1. Elevate the Naishritya part of land, house and boundary wall to ward off negative effects.
  2. If there is road in Naishritya direction close to the land, it is fit to build a house close to the border.
  3. The bedroom of the owner in Naishritya is considered appropriate as per vastu.
  4. The verandah in Naishritya should be even leveled.
  5. Since the entry is south-west, it is advisable to shade the entry properly.
  6. Stone feature, mound or heavy landscape on front lawn is advisable as per vastu.
  7. Naishritya room is fit for using as bed room or store room.


  1. Water body or water source in south-west should be avoided.
  2. Windows in South-west should be avoided as as per vastu basic concepts, that lays passage to entry of negative energy in the house.
  3. The verandah in front sloping towards south is not considered good.
  4. Flow of water, either rained or used, should not preferably pass through South-east. If The drainage has to pass through front it should be completely underground and mostly consumed in Harvesting, if possible.


  1. As you said above we must avoid windows at south west direction how can i do it when my plot is south west facing towards the road and the front view of my house is towards south west,??????

    1. Hello, this is a common situation. Vastu suggests ‘no windows’ in south-west because of afternoon hot sun from that direction. There are few things which can be done in such cases.
      1. Avoid keeping big windows in this direction and use DGU glass approx (280 per sqft) or Pyrolytic coating glass something like SGG Reflectasol (Rs 90 per sqft) or any other reflective glass
      2. Put a screen like Stone or GRC jaali ( Rs 350 per sqft) in front of Window as per overall elevation
      3. Use heavy curtains with extra lining.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for visiting.

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