South facing plot

A south facing plot is average for residential purposes but auspicious for people in food business.


  1. If there is a verandah in south side, it should be properly shaded or else construct a verandah in north side.
  2. The boundary wall in the south should be at lower level than the front door level. This will have good results.
  3. If the south front portion of the house is at high level, it accrues good results.
  4. Stone feature, mound or heavy landscape on front lawn is advisable as per vastu.
  5. Build a part of house near to the boundary, preferably on western side for good results.
  6. Ensure the room or rooms on south side are at high level than other rooms and verandah to have beneficial effects.
  7. If the rain water exit is only from front, it should be harvested as much as possible.
  8. Open spaces in front should be properly shaded, as according to vastu front of house should be open but on contradiction, south of plot should be least open.


  1. A water source in south side should be avoided as per vastu. In such conditions, if possible keep the water source in backyard if possible.
  2. Do not keep south wall (boundary) very low.
  3. Portico, if possible, should not have pillars

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