South-East facing plot

The possession of Vastu effect is comparatively less to south-east (Agneya) placed land or house.


  1. Planting of neem trees, coconut trees and big trees from south to south Agneya (south-east) to south-west (Naishritya) gives good results.
  2. Reduce the south-east side of the house during construction
  3. Ensure that the space in south direction is less than in north direction.
  4. Create less space in west than in the east which will minimize western sun in house.
  5. If the north direction is at low level and south direction is at high level, it is good.
  6. South-east direction lower land is good.
  7. Kitchen in south-east direction is considered good for prosperity.


  1. Flow of water, either rained or used, should not preferably pass through South-east. If The drainage has to pass through front it should be completely underground and mostly consumed in Harvesting, if possible.
  2. If there is a water body or water source in lower south-east, it is inappropriate since south-east is attributed to Agni (fire).
  3. The north-west and north should not be kept elevated than south south-east of the plot.

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