North-West facing plot

North-west direction is attributed to Vayu and the direction in general is considered average as per vastu considerations .


  1. As per vastu, the level of N-W (Vayavya) should be above N-E (Ishaan) and below S-W (Naishritya).
  2. If there is well or pond in Vayavya direction, it is good.
  3. Toilets and pits are allowed in front setback.
  4. Trees like mango and coconut in western Vayavya are recommended.
  5. The front portion can be below or same level as rest of house.
  6. The main door in North with more openness in North is preferable.


  1. Flow of water, either rained or used, should not preferably pass through Vayavya. If The drainage has to pass through front it should be completely underground and mostly consumed in Harvesting, if possible.
  2. The N-W (Vayavya) corner should not be kept covered.

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