North facing plot

As the magnetic force of the Earth is generated from the North Pole, it is said that north facing homes attract a wide range of positive energy into the house. This positive energy not only creates healthy vibrations but also ensures the prosperity of the people living in such plots. Plot facing North is proficient for those in power, administration and those who work for government.


  1. The house preferably should have open area in East, but if east setback is not provided, North-east section of front should be more open.
  2. The main door should be visible from outside, thus the boundary wall should be kept lower then door top.
  3. In the event the owner desires to rent out a portion of the house he should retain the higher portion as per vastu guidelines.
  4. The house with more open space in north is ideal to have prosperity and happiness.
  5. If the rain water passing along north side flows through north-east (Ishaan), it is auspicious.
  6. If the front portion is lower than the central room level, it results progress and fame.


  1. Front portion of building should not be higher than back portion. Also, there should not be any mound in front lawn specially in North-east.
  2. If there is heap of stone, garbage and the like objects in the north, it is indicative of property loss.
  3. The front door is facing north-west is not advisable as per vastu.

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