North-East facing plot

A North-east facing plot is considered best for residential and other purposes. This direction receives the best of morning solar energy and positive energy defined as ‘prana’. For this reason North-east (Ishaan) is considered auspicious and most appropriate for entry, meditation and open space.


  1. Have the main door at North-east (Ishaan) to have good results.
  2. Water source and lower ground level in north-east is considered good as per vastu.
  3. Slope towards front (east or North) is considered good
  4. Rain water or water from house flowing out through north-east is good.
  5. Front in North-east facing plots should be kept open with setback. Vastu guides to keep North-east openness maximum and south-west openness minimum.
  6. The floor at front should be kept lower than rest of house.
  7. The gate and boundary wall shall be kept lower than top of Entry door.


  1. Water body and clutter-free lawn is recommended in front setback in North-east facing house
  2. The North-east verandah should be ideally kept open and free from clutter

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