East facing plot

An east facing plot is considered very auspicious because it receives maximum amount of early morning solar energy. According to vastu, the north and east hold a special significance as positive morning solar energy comes from east, and the earth’s magnetic axis runs north-south. The north-east is thus an ideal combination of solar and magnetic energy and is most auspicious. Plot facing East is good for scholars, philosophers, priests, professors, teachers etc. Wealth and progeny are assured for the houses having more open space in the east.


  1. Do keep Eastern portion open without any rooms.
  2. Keep main gate in Eastern segment and preferably open North.
  3. The height of the east wall of the house being less than the west wall results in good outcome.
  4. The floor lowered towards east than the central room is good.
  5. If the water used in the house flows towards east, it ensures good health.
  6. Well or water tank in east is good.
  7. If a portion of the house is rented out, the owner should live in the elevated portion. Lest, financial loss may result.
  8. The compound wall should be lower to the door level.
  9. East boundary wall should be lower than the west boundary wall.



  1. The east elevated land or floor is considered bad. The inmates will be poor and unhealthy.
  2. The house should not be built close to east boundary
  3. Heap of soil, stone or garbage in east paves the way for loss of property.

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