Kitchens planning is one of the most complex parts in house design. Here are some important and necessary information before you proceed to get it done yourself.


Front panel finishes – Analysis and suggestions


Finish common namePU paint finishLaminate (Mica) finishMoulded MDF finishReal wood/ veneerSS finish
Price range280-350 / sqft (front panels only)180-250 / sqft (front panels only)100-150 / sqft (front panels only)250-350 / sqft (front panels only)300-350 / sqft (front panels only)
ContinuityContinuous edge finish, possible for all shapesNon-continuous. Edges PVC tapedContinuous edge finish, possible for various shapesContinuous throughoutContinuous edge
FinishHigh gloss/ matt premium lookHigh gloss/ matt regular lookTraditional mundane look and feelElegant high gloss/ matt finish depending on wood/ veneer and PolishSteel finish - gloss/ matt/ brushed. Paint/ powder coating also possible
VarietyVariety of colors and texturesLarge variety of colors, textures and finishesLimited colors and texturesDepends of available choices of wood/ veneerSS finish only, can be powder coated/ painted for more finishes
AvailabilityUsually availableEasily availableMost commonUsually available in solid wood panel formLess availability
DurabilityDurableHigh grade (like merino MR+) are more durable than PULess durable, lamination tends to come out with time & useDurable and can be polished againDurable, difficult repair and chances of dents
Moisture resistanceHighly resistantHighly resistantLess resistantResistant, if polish sustainsResistant, depends on quality of Steel
DependenciesExpertise dependentExpertise dependentFactory made onlyQuality of woodFactory made only
CompaniesIcaa, Asian paints, Nippon etcMerino, Century, Greenlam, AmulyaNon standardNatural wood. Veneers in Century, Greenlam etcJindal


We are working further on further information on carcass (internal box), sinks, chimneys etc. Visit again!