Services like Electrical, plumbing and Air-conditioning affect our day to day lives. Electrical points, lights, fans, AC, Wifi, Security system all needs to be well planned before stating the work. Here is a guideline for the same:


Copper wiringLive wire - left of socket. Color-red, yellow & blueNeutral wire - right of socket. Color-BlackEarth wire - center of socket. Color-Green
Lights, fans etcLines connecting switchboard to lights, fans etc.1.0/1.5mm1.0/1.5mm0.5/0.75mm
Space circuitLines to main switchboard (for lights, fans, 6A sockets) of room from Distribution2.5mm2.5mm1.0mm
Power circuitLines to power points. It should be separate from other points. May feed two sockets if they are not used at once.2.5mm2.5mm1.0mm
AC circuitLines to AC socket - only one socket. Preferably controlled using motor starter of MCB type switch4mm4mm1.5mm