Stones in building construction

Here is an attempt to understand and compare Marble, Sandstones and Granites for your building so that your decision is based on facts and knowledge and not because of better salesmanship and seller’s profit.

There are hundreds of types of stones now available in market and the sellers keep on devising new names to make it more difficult for buyers to understand them. We have picked some basic stones and explained them for use in your homes.

Understanding stones

TypeIndian MarbleSandstonesItalian MarbleIndian graniteSlate
RecommendationAvoid slabs with grey/ black streaks as it may have iron which rusts in timeSandstones can be made in various textures with some additional cost and are great to use in exterior claddingMost Italian stones are very weak and crack easily. Check thoroughly for cracks when buying and hire well experienced workers.Best for Exteriors. Can use a combination of rough and smoothSlate are commonly used as butchwork exterior wall cladding, fountains etc but are also available for exterior flooring use.
Material price
Approx per sqft price
(measured as rectangle)
Katni marble : Rs 40+
Morwad marble : Rs 80+
Others : Rs 40-350
Named by colors - Red, Dholdpur mint Price Rs 30+Botticino : Rs 200+
Dyna : Rs 200+
Others : Rs 175-2000
Range: Rs 60-500Usually grey, brown or dull colors Price Rs 50-100
Where used?Can be used anywhere, preferably except bathrooms & exteriorsShould not be used in flooring due to porous nature but are great to be used in exterior claddingCan be used anywhere, preferably except exteriorsCan be used anywhereGood for rough decorative wall cladding.
Durability/ LifeGoodAverageAverageVery goodAverage
clean with water and detergent
Average - Clean with water and brushEasy
clean with water and detergent
Very Easy
clean with water and detergent
Average - Clean with water and brush
Pros/ consEasily available
Economical, lightAesthetic
Highly DurableNot easily available
Comparison of various building stones available in India, Prices, pros-cons What to use and where to use.

Common Marbles

Forest brown

Approx Price : 90 / Square Feet

Product Details : 

Forest Marble is stylish brown/green colour Indian marble with stylish Dark brown variations of deep cream pattern and rich rusts.


  • Smooth surface
  • Striking colours


  • Premium quality
  • Non-slippery surface