The decision on flooring is a critical one. We commonly come across various suggestions for suitable flooring for our residence. For a better understanding to arrive at appropriate decision, here’s a preview of common flooring types.

Flooring comparision

TypeIndian MarbleItalian MarbleIndian graniteVitrified tilesLaminated woodCarpet
Avoid slabs with grey/ black streaks as it may have iron which rusts in time
Most Italian stones are very weak and crack easily. Check thoroughly for cracks when buying and hire well experienced workers
Best used in balconies, driveways etc. Can use a combination of rough and smooth
Very good
Best for mid and economical budgets
Usual impression of easily damageable is because of low quality cheap material widely used.
Use looped type carpet for durability and open type for softer surface.
Material price
Approx per sqft price
(measured as rectangle)
Katni marble : Rs 40+
Morwad marble : Rs 80+
Others : Rs 40-350
Botticino : Rs 200+
Dyna : Rs 200+
Others : Rs 175-2000
Range: Rs 60-500600x600 size : Rs 40-70
800x800 size : Rs 60-150
Pergo : Rs 120+Range: Rs 60+
Installation cost
per sqft cost/
skirting in running ft
Labour : Rs 17
Material : Rs 10
Polish : Rs 25
Labour : Rs 25
Material : Rs 12
Diamond Polish : Rs 45
Labour : Rs 20
Material : Rs 10
Granite Polish : Rs 35
Labour : Rs 15
Material : Rs 10
Where used?Can be used anywhere, preferably except bathrooms & exteriorsCan be used anywhere, preferably except exteriorsCan be used anywhereCan be used anywhere, preferably except bathrooms & exteriorsCan be used anywhere, except bathrooms & exteriorsCan be used anywhere, except bathrooms, kitchens & exteriors
Durability/ LifeGoodAverageVery goodGoodAverage, if decent quality product is usedPoor
InstallationDifficultDifficultDifficultAverageVery easyVery easy
clean with water and detergent
clean with water and detergent
Very Easy
clean with water and detergent
Very Easy
clean with water
Clean with dry or damp cloth
Clean with vaccum, occasional dry cleaning
Pros/ consEasily available
Highly DurableGood value for money
low maintenance
Moderate temperature
Soothing and soft
High maintenance and less durable
Comparison of various Indian flooring options, Prices, pros-cons What to use and where to use. Assumed standard commonly available medium quality.


The recommendations given are on the basis of usual trends and preferences in most of contemporary Indian houses. Visit again for further information.

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