Building structure

The process of construction with important points to keep in mind:

Mark on the site correct position of footing.
Dig out soil till design depth or as per site conditions.
Make the base firm and lay a layer of PCC as per design
Make a formwork (footing sides to hold concrete) in metal, ply or brickwork.
Steel bars are bent and tied to form a ‘jaal’ and then lowered and placed in formwork. The jaal is placed on spacer blocks so that it has a gap of approx 1” from PCC.
Column steel is bind with legs to footing steel. The column shall be kept perfectly vertical and aligned as per centerline.
Concrete is poured assuring proper compacting using vibrator.
Sides if made of shuttering material can be removed when concrete is well set. Proper curing for atleast 7 days or more depending on weather is must for ensuring proper strength.