The Story


We narrowed down our story to 4 basic questions:

  • Why?
  • What?
  • Who?
  • Where?






Here are answers.

Why : The big Question

When we come across something which is of good value but is offered for free, we either just start using it or some of us start wondering WHY? The question why is it offered for free starts bothering some of us. So for those some people (especially our fellow architects), here is a short story.

We started our practice as Architects some 9 years ago after graduating from IIT Roorkee. We met lots of people in our practice and designed many houses.

We see numerous buildings which make us uncomfortable as they are practically unplanned and decided on the go during construction many a times on the basis of NOTHING.  Why would someone do that? Well we found out answers to this question, the most common answers were :

  1. We don’t have good architects in our City.
  2. Architect is asking for a big fees and advance. How do we burn a hole in our pocket without knowing if he/ she will actually deliver good work.
  3. My contractor (or a friend in some cases) has made lots of houses and he knows his stuff. He can guide me quite well and will give more time and effort than any Architect.

Unfortunately, this is just like taking medicine without consulting any Doctor or even worse by consulting your friend who took medicine for similar looking problem some time ago. When it comes to your house, this medicine will stay with you for a very long time.

Most people who come to us have some common issues such as:

  1. They are unsure of what they want, they want to see various possibilities.
  2. They find it difficult to understand the ‘lines’ and ‘drawings’. They need better form of presentation.
  3. They are not sure if the design offered is good enough or there can be something better. An unbiased analysis from an expert can certainly help.

We totally agree that these issues are as real as the project. So one fine day we thought there must be something that can be done. Providing lots of random plans was certainly not the answer, we realized that each and every design should be well designed, easily understandable for everyone and well analyzed on technical and vastu parameters.

This clearly made feetinch a necessity and the content had to be easily accessible for all and for free.


What: Incredible offer

The usual dilemma of plot owner:

How to find that good Architect who can understand and make what you actually want and not what he just chooses to do.

Now a person who wants to construct a house, wants best. They can hire good Architect as paying small percentage to an expert for making a much better house definitely make sense. But how do you explain that Architect what you actually want until you yourself know what you want. You just cannot expect someone to make all possible of options and explain them to you so that you evaluate all possibilities and then decide.

At feetinch we decided to make a unique offer. We provide you designs for your house as per your direction and requirements. Not only the design but then we analyse it thoroughly for vaastu, planning and explain it properly so that you know exactly what you are going for, well, before making it actually.

No commitment, great house plans and all for free.


Now if you are thinking about using these designs you might think

  1. Who is doing this?
  2. Are they qualified enough to provide good designs and right information?
  3. When you take premium services, is feetinch team reliable enough to render quality drawings

We are a dedicated team of qualified and well experienced architects graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. More importantly, all these designs are our own, and have been prepared for our own projects in last 12 years. This somewhat explains our position.

We are also planning associations with Architects throughout the country, after due verification of course, to be able to give you in-person service at your place.



The service is where you want it to be, accessible on your couch for all cities, towns and villages.

Just visit and have a great time finding good house plans with your family.

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