How to feetinch

This article explains the process of using the site and lists features so that you don’t miss on anything. landing page

Feetinch landing page

Enter you plot size (in feet) and submit

plan selection page

Select your plot direction (see how), type (duplex or simplex)

Set your desired setbacks

Just click on any plan to see all details

plan detail page

Explore various functions

Click on plan to see enlarged view

Summarised information of plan

List of rooms, actual sizes of rooms (as per given plot)

Refrence chart for vastu analysis and sunlight/ ventillation analysis

Scroll down

Check our comments on plan and 3D views

Check out our planning analysis part and detailed estimate

Estimate is calculated in real time on the basis of floor area, toilets, door/ windows,
Kitchen cabinetry all detailed as per realistic calculations so that it is as accurate
as possible.

The specifications can be changed to see effect on estimate in real time.

Scroll down

Read reviews about this plan and write yours too.

Compare page

You just need to give your phone number and name to use comparison page
and don’t worry we won’t call you unless you want us to!

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