Feetinch is an ambitious project, there may be various questions in your mind about it. We tried to figure what questions may come up and for any further questions, do write your queries in comments or send us a mail at contact@feetinch.in


Are all these plans for free or are there any charges?

All the content on feetinch.in is free without any charge.

What is login, is it necessary?

Its a very basic registration where we verify your phone number. We require a unique ID for some parts for storing and relating information and also so that you can find everything where you left of. It is just 1 minute process and obviously free.

Will you use my phone number in some way?

Nope! it is only for verification and  recording your selections, shortlists etc. Also we won’t call you or send you any unnecessary messages. A gentlemen’s promise.

What are premium packages?

Premium packages are various packages of drawings and other services. Click here to find out.

Do I still need an Architect after getting this plan?

Certainly, the all plans, elevations and information on site are free and would help you in selecting the plans and bring best options in front of you before you finalize anything. However, detailed working and support by and expert should always be there to make the best out of your investment. Feetinch is offers the same for plans selected on-site. visit our packages for more information.

How come the packages are so economical?

We have a very systematic and well defined system for making the drawings. As all the projects displayed are our own (or from our associates), we are able to provide high quality standardized drawings with perfectly refined details for each and everything.

Is there any guarantee on drawings, what if they don’t match the sample quality?

We have a very systematic and well defined system for making the drawings. We are committed to provide high quality standardized drawings with perfectly refined details for each and everything. All our team members and associates are qualified Architects with minimum Bachelors degree from reputed institutes like IITs and NITs. So yes, we do offer a guarantee on the drawings.

If the drawings provided are not upto mark, just write us a mail with description within 7 days of online submission of drawings (an extension may be provided on advance request). We shall review internally within next 3 working days and send you revised drawings within 7 days.

Still if  the hell freezes over, and the drawings are reasonably under-standard, incorrect or delayed from our commitment, we shall repay you for the part which is deficit. If you still need rest of the drawings which was delayed, you get remaining drawings at half of their price. The percentages of various drawings are defined in terms and conditions.

Why all the content on site is free, what’s the catch?

Lets just say, all the best things in life are free.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us on +91 120 4569699 (10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Sunday off) or mail us on contact@feetinch.in. We suggest you sign in at feetinch.in and fill your details so that we can provide you better support. If however you sign up for premium services, we shall provide you premium support.

Can I use the plan/ information without any payment or consent?

Yes, as an end user please feel free to use anything you like on feetinch.in, but you should tell others about it (specially ones planning their houses) as a social obligation. However, if you are a professional, do acknowledge feetinch and keep using the designs.

Our primary mission is to make each and every house/ building better ensuring a better lifestyle.

Can you visit our plot and discuss?

Right now we are not providing this facility. However, we may provide these facilities in certain cities. Visit our premium packages section for more information.

What is vastu Score?

Vastu score is a concept designed by feetinch team for analysis of plans on the basis of positioning of rooms/ areas in different directions as per standard vastu concepts. The positioning of all rooms is aggregated via a complex algorithm keeping in mind the importance of various rooms and influence of given direction.

How are room sizes calculated? Are they accurate?

Room sizes are calculated through propriety algorithm of feetinch ensuring every space is suitably sized as per given planning option. You can be assured that the sizes given are as realistic and error free as personally designed plans and even better as they went through various levels of check by architects before being presented to you.

How is light and ventilation determined?

Light and ventilation is determined on the basis of windows, their openings and directions. It is as accurate as it can be, of course, not integrating nearby buildings, trees and other existing elements near your plot.

How to start building from these plans?

Designs on website are supposed to guide you and let you find most appropriate design for your house. It is absolutely necessary that you get proper construction drawings to start any work on site. We have various packages for the same or otherwise you should visit and discuss the same with a certified Architect.

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