Noida Byelaws

Noida Byelaws

(as on 27th September 2017, Last update on 27th May 2015)

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Ground Coverage, FAR and Setbacks in Residential Plots plotted after 2010:

Size of Plot (Sqmtr.) Ground Coverage (In %age) Front Setback (Mtr.) Rear Setback (Mtr.) Side Setback (Mtr.) Maximum FAR
Upto 50.0 75 1.5 1.5 1.8
51 to 75 75 1.5 2.0 1.8
76 to 120 75 2.0 2.4 1.8
121 to 200 75 3.0 2.4 1.8
201 to 300 75 3.5 3.0 1.8
301 to 400 65 4.0 3.0 3.0 1.8
401 to 500 65 4.5 3.5 3.0 1.8
501 to 750 60 5.0 3.5 3.0 1.5



(i) Maximum building height in all size of plots shall be 15 Metres.


(ii) Total height shall be counted from top of drain to top of building without exception.

(iii) In case the permissible ground coverage is not achieved within setbacks, the setbacks of the preceding category may be followed. In special cases where ground  coverage is not achieved in the preceding category also, then Chief Executive Officer may relax the setbacks to the extent he considers fit.

(iv) In the Residential Plots with in the permissible FAR and Ground Coverage equivalent of 40 % area

of rear Set Back construction shall be allowed on either side/both side in the rear set back.


However, the setback shall be applicable as per regulations prevailing at the time of initial allotment of sector.

Other provisions:


  1. The directions of side, rear set back and gate shall be as per the Setback/ Layout Plan and directions prepared by the Authority from time to time.
  2. In case of plots being amalgamated with the approval of the Authority, the setback lines in front and adjoining property are to be followed as per Setback Plan.
  3. Subdivision of individual residential plot or building constructed on it shall not be allowed.
  4. Only two dwelling units and a servant quarter shall be allowed upto a plot size of 100sqmtrs. For plots above 100 sqm and upto 500 sqm maximum three dwelling units shall be allowed. For plots above 500 sqm. maximum four dwelling units shall be allowed. In density calculation 4.5 person per dwelling unit shall be considered in all kind of residential plots. Each servant quarter shall be counted as half dwelling unit.
  5. Stilt parking shall be allowed upto maximum height of 2.4 mtrs upto bottom of beam free from FAR for plot size of 112 sq mtrs and above. However, in case stilt is not provided, parking may be allowed in the setbacks.
  6. No construction of any kind shall be permitted beyond the building envelope (on set backs) except—
    1. A chajja (projection) of maximum width of 0.75 metres at lintel or roof level. No construction of any type shall be permitted over such projections.
    2. In plots of 200 square metres and above, if required, a temporary guard room of porta-cabin 1.5 metre x 1.5 metre shall be permitted after approval by the Authority.
    3. Canopy projections of 4.5 metre X. 2.4 metre in front or side setbacks (maximum 2 numbers) in plots where front set back is 4.5 metre or more and only one such canopy in side set back where front set back is less than 4.5 metre. No construction of any type shall be permitted over the canopy projection. The canopy may be supported by circular column of maximum 30 centimetres diameter or rectangular columns of 30 centimetres x 30 centimetre size.
    4. In case of corner plots upto 200 square metre category, load bearing columns max size 300 mm X 300 mm in side setback maximum 2 numbers may be permitted.
    5. Balcony upto 1.5 m width (upto 1.0 m width where setback is less than 3.0 m)
    6. The inner courtyard can be covered by a temporary coverage, at a height of 1.5mtrs. above roof level. If covered at roof level, it shall not be permissible.


  1. FAR shall also include
    1. Mezzanine
    2. Pergola shall be counted towards Floor Area Ratio calculation if closed from three or more than three sides.
  2. Floor Area Ratio shall not include –
    1. A cantilever projection (in setbacks) of a width of 0.75 metre at any level. No construction of any type or any material shall be permitted over projections other than mentioned herewith.
    2. Canopy projections of 4.5 metre X 2.4 metre in front or side set back (maximum 2 numbers), in plots where front set back is 4.5 metre or more and only one such canopy in side setback where front setback is less than 4.5 metres.
    3. Basement, (only single basement) equivalent to ground coverage shall be permitted, if used for parking, services and storage.
    4. Stilt area of non-habitable height proposed to be used for parking, landscaping etc.
    5. Loft upto 1.5 metre height
    6. Balconies (upto 1.50mtrs. width, If Balcony of more than 1.50mtrs. width is proposed, then 1/4th of its area shall be counted in FAR), Cupboard (0.60m wide), Staircase, Lift, Mumty for staircase, and Bay windows.


  1. Basement:
    1. Basement area shall not exceed beyond building envelope.
    2. The height of any basement shall be maximum 1.5 metre from bottom of the slab above the top level of the external drain. The maximum height of the basement from floor to ceiling shall be 4.5 metres.
    3. Basement shall be allowed upto a distance of 2.0 mtrs. from the adjacent plot on the basis of structure stability certificate.

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