Jodhpur Byelaws

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Ground Coverage, FAR and Setbacks in Residential Plots



S. No.


Size of Plot


Front Setback (Mtr.) Side setback (Mtr.) Side Setback (Mtr.) Back setback (Mtr.)


Maximum Height

FAR and permissible units
1 Upto 50.0 1.5 8m

FAR : no limit,

1 unit per floor

2 51 to 100 3.0 1.5 8m

FAR : no limit,

1 unit per floor

3 100 to 162 3.0 2.0 12m, ground +2 floors

FAR : no limit,

Total 3 units

4 162 to 225 4.5 2.5 12m, ground +2 floors

FAR : no limit,

Total 5 units

5 225 to 350 4.5 3.0 3.0 12m, ground +2 floors

FAR : no limit,

Total 6 units

6 350 to 500 6.0 3.0 3.0 14m, ground +2 floors

FAR : no limit,

Total 12 units

7 500 to 750 7.5 3.0 3.0 3.0 14m

FAR : 1.2,

Total 12 units




750 to 1500



4.5 4.5




FAR : 1.2





1500 to 2500



6.0 6.0





FAR : 1.2



  1. For plots of size upto 2500 sqm there is no limit on ground coverage.
  2. Parking provision shall be made if more than 3 units are proposed in a plot. If More than 14m height is proposed, group housing rules shall apply.
  3. 25% of unit area or 100 sqm (whichever is less) can be used for office use for professionals such as advocate, Engineer, Doctor, Architect, Chartered accountant, Media professional, Town Planner or similar occupations.
  4. Occupations such as retail shop, wholesale shop, repair shop, service center, godawn/ storage, or any other occupations which may be hazardous for occupants of building as decided by Authority.
  5. In Planned plotted developments, setback, Ground coverage etc shall apply as per plotting approval.
  6. Stilt parking (free from height limitation) shall be allowed for plot sizes more than 162 sqm , and plots which are situated on 9m or wider road.


Ground coverage/ FAR Exemptions:


  • Garden, rockery, well, open waterpool, swimming pool and related constructions upto height of 2.1 m from road level. Fire-escape staircase, tree platform, tank, fountain, bench, open platform or similar constructions.
  • Open ramp
  • Balcony upto 1.2m or less than 1/3rd of setback, whichever is less.
  • For plot sizes above 500 sqm, 6.25 sqm guard room at all entrance gates.
  • Facilities such as transformer, generator room, pump room, electric panel room, switch room, PBX or HVAC installations, guard room, gas bank, swimming pool changing room, upto 7% of total FAR shall not be counted towards ground coverage and allowed in setback area.
  • Ramp in setback area for basement or other floors after leaving 3.6m from front boundary.
  • Underground water tank in setbacks.



Height limitations and exemptions (combined with maximum limitations for various plot sizes):

  • For plots on road width less than 12m, Building height of 12m (without stilt) or 15m (with stilt) is permissible.
  • For plots on road width more than 12m but less than 18m, Building height of 15m (with or without stilt) is permissible.
  • In case of basements and stilts used for parking, for plinth height upto 1.2m from road level and stilt beam bottom upto 2.8m from plinth level, the combined heights of basement and stilt shall be exempted from building height.
  • Exemptions in height: Water tank and related structure upto 3.0m height, if water tank is constructed on mumty roof, then combined height of 5.0m, HVAC equipment, lift room, open staircase upto 3.0m height, lift machine room upto 7.75m height, architectural elements upto height of 4.5m and solar energy installations.




  • Basement is allowed after leaving required building setbacks on all sides, irrespective of building envelope.
  • For plot sizes 1250 sqm or more, 2 basements are allowed with atleast one used for parking.
  • For plot sizes 2000 sqm or more, maximum 3 basements are allowed with atleast two used for parking.
  • If basement is used for any purposes other than parking or services, its area shall be counted in FAR.



  • For plots with 3.0m or more side setback, garage of maximum 20 sqm, to a maximum of 9m from back boundary is allowed.
  • First floor above garage is permissible and the area of garage and 1st floor construction shall be counted towards ground coverage and FAR.
  • For plot size above 750 sqm, if FAR of more than 1.2 is proposed, garage in setback is not allowed.


Allowed Porch:

  • Porch on columns in setback is allowed in front setback if front setback is 6.0m or more and is allowed in side setback if side setback is 3.0m or more.
  • No construction allowed over porch.
  • Normally only one porch per plot is allowed, however, in larger constrcutions 2 porches may be allowed by authority.
  • Maximum porch area shall be 18 sqm and width 3.0m.


Allowed Balcony:

  • For upto 6m setback, lesser of 1.2m or 1/3rd of setback depth of balcony is allowed.
  • For more than 6m upto 12m setback, 1.5m balcony and for setback more than 12m, balcony of 1.8m is allowed.


Allowed Projection:

  • Chajja upto 0.6m width but less than 1/3rd of setback and minimum height of 2.1m from floor level.
  • Staircase landing upto 1m width but less than 1/3rd of setback and minimum height of 2.4m from floor which can be covered by jaali or grill. This is exempted from ground coverage and FAR.
  • Almirah for each habitable room of 2.0m length x 0.6m width and minimum 3.5 m height from plinth level.


No compulsion of parking provision for plots under 500 sqm, however, if more than 3 units are proposed, parking provision shall be done.

For plots bigger than 500 sqm, for every 150 sqm of FAR area one car shall be provisioned.


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